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Welcome to the right place for buying a car in Costa Rica

Ehlers Cars is your place for buying a car in Costa Rica. Here you can review, research and choose from a variety of fine quality Costa Rica used cars for sale. Each car has been hand selected by Andy Ehlers and is ready for you to purchase and enjoy.

Buying a Car in Costa Rica can be a Challenge

Finding a good quality Costa Rica used car can be a challenge. Andy has done the majority of the work for you. His team examines each car carefully before offering it to you for sale, ensuring the market price is fair and equitable. He also has his team of professionals give the car a careful cleanup and inspection.

Before buying a car in Costa Rica, be sure to be well informed about title transfer and all the applicable laws of car ownership. Some individuals choose to have their car owned by a corporation in order to keep title transfer fees at a minimum. Transfering the shares of a company may be much less expensive on a high value vehicle than to transfer title. Be sure to have a good attorney assist you with any such transaction. Andy can help you with the intricacies of these legal options and ensure you are being fairly treated in any vehicle sale.

Feel free to browse through our database of quality Costa Rica used car models at your leisure. The unique features of each model are indicated in our database along with interior and exterior photos. It is our goal to ensure that buying a car in Costa Rica will be a pleasure for you.