Land Rover Series III 1965

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Model Year
Body Type
4x4 Terrain
54,000 KM
Vehicle Traction
4x4 Full
Interior Color
Number of doors
3 Doors
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Features Land Rover Series III

Classic 1965 Land Rover Series III - A Blend of Heritage and Reliability


Vehicle Overview:

  • Model: 1965 Land Rover Series III
  • Ownership: Only three owners since new, ensuring a history of care and passion.
  • Mileage: 54,000 kilometers on its original engine, a testament to its durability and the loving maintenance it has received.

Exceptional Features:

  • Original Engine: Maintained to perfection, with a recent overhaul including a new diesel pump, gaskets, and minor but essential updates. Remarkably, this Land Rover doesn't leak oil – a rarity for its kind.
  • Authentic Restoration: Invested a meticulous year and a half in restoring this classic. The chassis was stripped, treated for rust, and repainted with high-performance, anti-corrosive paint.
  • Bodywork: Totally disassembled, cleaned, and restored using traditional hammer techniques instead of putty. This process ensures authenticity and quality, preserving the car's classic charm.
  • Color: Originally red, now revived to its former glory with a fresh coat that respects its heritage.
  • Tires and Rims: Updated to closely match the original specifications, blending classic style with modern reliability.

Why Buy This Classic Land Rover?

  • A Collector's Dream: A rare find, especially in such well-maintained condition.
  • Reliability: Despite its age, it requires little more than gas and water, making it a practical choice for the classic car enthusiast.
  • Heritage: Owning this Land Rover is not just owning a vehicle; it's about preserving a piece of automotive history.